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111-Avatar ; Paid < PC >

Avatar will be taken down after February 3rd, 2024 as I feel I have improved immensely from when this was released and I will be remaking it.

Product Information


  - Showcase here.

  - All pictures shown except the last picture < taken in unity > are taken in game with slight editing in photoshop!

  - More in game pictures here.

  - 3D Model / VRChat Avatar / Half & Full Body Compatible / NSFW & SFW Versions / Physic Bones.

  - 6 Skin tones, 2 Versions < Christmas + Valentines >.

  - Everything togglable! 95 Toggles + 14 Radials + Marker, Spring Joint, GogoLoco, DPS.

  - Able to switch between left hand and right hand with a toggle!

  - Note grabbing the plushie might sometimes make it fly into oblivion, you can just reset avatar to fix this!


  - Hair.

   ╰  Braids, Long, Short.

  - Outfit.

   ╰  Tops - Top Off, Bra, Dress, Ribbon, Pasties.

   ╰  Undies.

   ╰  Socks - Socks Off, Thigh Socks, High Socks, Socks Fuzz.

   ╰  Shoes - Shoes Off, Slippers, Sneakers, Heels.

   ╰  Cardigan.

   ╰  Accessories

       ╰  Hat Off, Ski Hat, Christmas Hat, Party Hat.

       ╰  Eye Glitter, Lip Piercing Sphere, Lip Piercing Ring Left, Lip Piercing Ring Right, Belly Piercings, Earrings, Rings, Necklace, Horns,


       ╰  Glasses, Arm Warmers, Leg Warmers, Neck Fuzz, Wrist Fuzz, Moustache, Gingerbread Man, Mittens, Blindfold, Gag, Christmas


  - Body.

   ╰  Elf Ears, Nail Long, Fox Ears, Fox Tail.

   ╰  Face Customization - Lashes, Cute Eyeballs, Cute Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Button Nose, Thicker Lips.

   ╰  Body Thickness⟳.

  - Colors.

   ╰  Eye Colors - Left Eye Saturation⟳, Left Eye Hue⟳, Right Eye Saturation⟳, Right Eye Hue⟳, White Lashes.

   ╰  Body Colors - Tattoo Saturation⟳, Tattoo Hue⟳, Face Tattoo, Body Tattoo.

   ╰  Hair Outfit Colors - Hair Base Saturation⟳, Hair Base Hue⟳, Hair Outfit Bottom Saturation⟳, Hair Outfit Bottom Hue⟳, Outfit Base Saturation⟳, Outfit Base Hue⟳.

   ╰  Material Swap.

       ╰  Hat Material Swap - Base Color, Christmas, Party.

       ╰  Clothes Material Swap - Base Color 01, Base Color 02, Base Color 03, Gradient 01, Gradient 02, Gradient 03, Christmas.

       ╰  Socks Material Swap - Base Color, Fishnets.

       ╰  Shoes Material Swap - Base Color, Gradient.

        ╰  Cardigan Material Swap - Base Color, Gradient, Christmas.

   ╰  Avatar Emission⟳.


  - SFW Contacts.

   ╰  More Info - Avatar Head Pat, Avatar Nose Boop, L/R Eye Poke, L/R Cheek Poke, Head Cuddle, Flying Kiss, Avatar L/R High Five, L/R

Boob Touch, L/R Butt Touch.

  - Idle & Particles.

   ╰  Blink Idle, Ears & Tail Idle, Cold Breath, Hand Particles, Feet Particles, World Particles.

        ╰  More Info; Snow for Christmas version and Hearts for Heart version < only edited the particles to be heart shapes and pink for

world particle >.

  - Props.

   ╰  Props Off, Party Blower, Candy Cane, Sparkler One Hand, Sparkler Two Hands, Choky Milk, Heat Pack, Present Box, Pillow.

        ╰  When you put the party blower to your / someone else's mouth it plays a sound and there will be party particles falling down < look

at showcase for reference >!

        ╰  You can drink the Choky Milk by putting it at your mouth < look at showcase for reference >!

  - Headphones.

   ╰  Toggle, Neck Slider, Music.

        ╰  It will slide down your neck when you tap it with your hand!

        ╰  You can toggle on and off the music by tapping it with your finger!

  - Plushie.

   ╰  Grabbable!

  - Pole.

  - Marker.

   ╰  Toggle, Clear.

  - JustSleightly's Spring Joint System.

   ╰  Left and right hand spring joints, with animation and particles.


  - Fake Index Hand Gestures

  - Christmas Lights Animation

   ╰  More Info; Animated like a real Christmas lights with color switches.

  - Bell jingle

   ╰  More Info; Sounds on bells on both the avatar and plushie when you move!

  - Switch Hands

   ╰  More Info; Able to switch between right or left hand for all props and marker.

  - GoGoLoco

   ╰  More Info; Lower body poses for half body, emotes etc.

  - DPS < 15-Orifices, 2-Pen >.

⟳ = Radial / L/R = Left + Right / F/B = Front + Back

More information in my discord server!


  - Very Poor

  - 89.78 MB

What You Will Receive

  - 1 Unity Package, 12 prefabs.

  - Notepad for more info about the avatar.

  - Notepad with a how to upload tutorial with links on what needs to be downloaded.

  - Notepad with how to change music.

Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service located here.


  - Head; Discord / Store / Cicieaaa#7777.

  - Base; Discord / Store / ImLeXz#1234.

  - Hair Braids; Discord / Store / ничто#6666.

  - Hair Fringe + Short + Long ; Discord / Store / Sivka#3788.

  - SleightlyBall System; Discord / Store / JustSleightly#0001.

  - Among Us Follower System; Store / Red#1832.

  - GoGoLoco; Discord / Store / franada#0001.

  - VRLabs; Discord / Link.

  - DPS; Raliv.

  - Video Model; Link / Tinny#0001.

  - Last Image Render; Discord / Store / Tilly#5746.

All credited assets / particles have been heavily edited by me except for SleightlyBall System and GoGoLoco .

Assets that are not credited is made from scratch by me. You can find them in my shop, if its not on my shop it will be in the next few weeks.


Have any issues or question? Open a ticket in my server ;

Published; 02/16/2023

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (733MB)
  • ZIP (733MB)

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