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➣ If you would like to see all the textures, it's in the showcase channel in my discord server!


➣ Triangles; 864

➣ Faces; 432

➣ Edges; 920

➣ Vertices; 487


➣ 4 different base materials < cloth, fur, leopard fur, tiger fur > , 3 different designs, 3 main colors < black, white, red >.

➣ Includes Base Color, Normal, Metallic, Roughness, Height, Alpha & Emissive Maps.


➣ This product is rigged and fitted to Zinpia's GG BaseZinpia's Fit Base, Zinpia's RP Base, Pandaa's Female Base, ImLeXz Base,

⠀⠀Nikkie's Uta Base, Lunar Reef Base.

Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service located here.


Have any issues or questions? Create a ticket in my server ;

Published; 07/20/2023

You will get a ZIP (518MB) file

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