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   - Trailer-Showcase here.
   - Toggle-Showcase here.
   - More in game pictures here.
   - 3D Model / VRChat Avatar / Half & Full Body Compatible / NSFW & SFW Versions / Uses Physic Bones.
   - This is my first avatar and I hope you will like her!
   - Note there is a slight spazzing for the idle animation for a second when you load into the avatar, slight clipping
     on skirt and arm warmers I tried my best to minimise them as possible already!

   - Toggles
          Top - Bodysuit, Bra, Boob-Pasties, Arm-Warmers.
          Bottom - Pants, Skirt-Long, Skirt-Short, Bottomless, Panties.
          Legs - Sneakers, Heels-01, Heels-02, Shoeless, Socks, Leg-Warmers.
          Accessories - Horns, Glasses, Earrings, Piercings, Necklace, Pasties, Choker, Rings.
          Bat-Parts - Ears, Wings, Tail.
          Others - Lollipop, Bubble-Gum, Mouth-Empty, Bag.
          Hair - Pigtails-01, Pigtails-02, Pony-Tail, Hair-Down.
          Body-Mods - Elf-Ears.
          Hand-Props - Gun, Cigarette, Vape, Whip.
   - Radials
          Hair - Hair-Length-Front, Hair-Length-Back.
          Body-Mods - Breast, Butt.
   - Colors
          Closet - All clothes white / black.
          Hair - Base-Saturation, Base-Hue, Highlight-Saturation, Highlight-Hue, Emission-Saturation,

          Body - Tattoo, Zombie-Skin, Eye-Saturation, Eye-Hue.

   - Contacts
          SFW-Contacts-Togglable - Head-Pat, Nose-Boop, High-Five, Eye-Poke, Tummy-Rub, Ear-Pull,
          Cheek Pull < hard to do in game >, Wings-Pull, Tail-Pull.
          Glasses-Contact - Use Finger-Point and touch the middle of the glasses, glasses will slide on the nose,
          put it back up by touching it again.

          Headphones-Neck Slider - Able to slide down headphones to the neck by putting your hand on the sides of
          the headphones, put it back up by touching it again.

          Headphones-Music - Able to play music by touching the sides of the headphones with your finger, turn it
          off by touching it again < included a tutorial on how to add and change your music >.

          Gun - Finger-Gun to get the gun to your hands, Thumbs-Up to shoot.
          Cigarette - Put it to your mouth to trigger a smoke effect.
          Vape - Put it to your mouth to trigger a smoke effect.
   - Bat-Follower-Togglable
          Grab - Everyone can grab it!
   - Sleightly-Ball - Spring-joint has a cool animation!
   - Idle Animation.
   - Avatar-Dissolve.
   - Floor-Particle-Togglable.
   - GoGo Loco.
   - Marker.
   - DPS < 15-Orifices, 2-Pen >.

More information in my discord server!

What You Will Recieve

2 Unity-Packages - Right and Left handed Unity Packages, will have 3 skin tone prefabs and SFW versions
for all skin tones.

Notepad for more info about the avatar.
Notepad with a how to upload tutorial with links on what needs to be downloaded.
Notepad with how to change music.

Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service located here.


Head; Discord / Store / Cicieaaa#7777.
Base; Discord / Store / Sugs#9795.
Hair Card Textures; Discord / Store / Cicieaaa#7777.
Dress; Discord / Store / DevilMk#5566.
SleightlyBall System; Discord / Store / JustSleightly#0001.
Among Us Follower System; Store / Red#1832.
GoGoLoco; Discord / Store / franada#0001.
VRLabs; Discord / Link.
DPS; Raliv.

Trailer + Toggle Video; Link / Reussie#0955.
Video Models; Link / Tinny#0001, Link / Libra.#0110.
1st Image Render; Discord / Store / Tilly#5746.
2nd Image Render; Discord / Store / DevilMk#5566.
3rd Image Render; Discord / Store / yukine#4355.

Everything credited is heavily edited by me except SleightlyBall System and GoGoLoco and everything is not allowed for reuse.
Everything else is made by me, you can find them in my shop, if its not on my shop it will be in the next few weeks.


Have any issues or question? Open a ticket in my server ;
Published; 11/22/2022
You will get a ZIP (628MB) file

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